Learn to speak, read and understand Romanian!

My name is Florin and I am a Romanian living in Finland. When I moved to Finland I learned the Finnish language the hard way. I know what it means to try searching for that learning material which makes you feel you actually understand what the language is about. And most often you won't find it.

The common language books are really missing the genuine, essential, comprehensive explanations which we all language learners hope to find. So I decided to create a suite of podcast lessons to help those of you who want to learn Romanian, which quickly became very popular.

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The Lessons Come With

Audio files with thorough explanations
Transcripts for the audio texts and vocabulary in a PDF file

Or if you want to get the whole package of 18 lessons, please visit the lessons page.


What people say:

"Thank you again and again for this work. My Romanian skills are growing by leaps and bounds." (Shelly R.)

"Thank you for these lessons, Florin. They are the perfect length and a perfect pace. I'm traveling to Romania on business next month, so I find these more helpful than learning from a book. Keep up the good work!" (Anonymous)

"Me and my girlfriend have been trying for some time to find a lesson such as this. We have been in Romania for a month now and we are from California and this is going to be a tremendous help for us. Keep the lessons coming!" (Andrew and Alice)

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